Selfacecoat “VSR-40” is a hydrophilic coating agent that has achieved unprecedented long-term hydrophilic performance.

VSR-40W is a water-based concentrated fluid for Export. It dilutes with alcohol before use at local.

Good point for VSR-40

  • Can be introduced at low cost and equipment costs. (recommended application method: dipping)
  • Secure superiority over other companies with next-generation hydrophilic function.
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to long-term durability effects.
Applicable productsPurposeAnticipated efficacyMerit
Aluminum fin

Heat exchanger
Improved heat exchange rate•Improved drying speed of condensed water•Reduced amount of electricity used
•Energy saving effect (SDGs No.7)
Dirt removal performance• Dirt washes off due to condensation water
•Prevention of bacterial growth due to antibacterial effect
• Improved maintainability
• Reduced cleaning frequency
•Elimination of risk of damage during cleaning
•Mold control
Prevents water droplets from scattering•Prevention of scattering due to water droplet disappearance• Complaint resolution due to splashing water droplets
High energy saving effectWater splash preventionPrevention of the growth of mold and bacteria, clean space
Depending on the usage environment, the air flow path may be blocked by water droplets generated or attached between the fins. However, by applying a hydrophilic coating using VSR-40, sufficient air flow is ensured through the gaps between the fins, and energy-saving effects and reductions in electricity bills can be expected by improving heat exchange efficiency.Eliminates the problem of water splashing from the outlet by preventing water droplets from forming and adhering. It also makes it easier to design water recovery mechanisms.The long-lasting self-cleaning effect prevents the growth of mold and bacteria inside the heat exchanger. It also prevents dust from accumulating, keeping the room clean.

Performance test (Persistence, Corrosivity)

We have successfully developed "Selfacecoat VSR-40" which can exhibit super hydrophilic properties over a long period of time.

The durability of hydrophilic properties treated for aluminum material has been dramatically improved.

Running water test
Water contact angle Initial valueWater contact angle
After 120 hours
Water contact angle
After 300 hours
Water contact angle
After 530 hours
Water contact angle
After 2700 hours
Average water contact angle
8 degrees4.3 degrees6.8 degrees9.3 degrees12.7 degrees
Wet and dry cycle test
Water contact angle
Initial value
Water contact angle
After 5 cycle performance
Water contact angle
After 10 cycle performance
Average water contact angle
8 degrees7.7 degrees8.3 degrees
Corrosion resistance (salt spray test)
Water contact angle
Initial value
Water contact angle
After 500 hours
Surface condition
Average water contact angle
8 degrees10.7 degreesGood

Examples of products used

  • Air conditioner aluminum fins
  • Heat exchanger
  • Evaporator