Selface coat has several types

These products can be used for several materials.

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Products Fluid Type Apply Dry out method Application
General Water based
  • Spray
  • Brush
  • Dipping
  • Spin
  • Roll coater
  • Normal temperature
  • Drying by heating
Glass, Stone, Tile
MC1 series Water based Metal, Non-metal, Glass
Mirror Water based simple treatment for mirror
Stain Water based Metal, Non-metal, Galvanization
WG-R1 Alcohol based All of materials
Pura (T) Alcohol based Plastics, Aluminum
Pura (PT) Alcohol based Polycarbonate
Basecoat BS200 Alcohol based Plastic materials
Basecoat BS300 Alcohol based All of materials
Basecoat for metal


Alcohol based Metal, Non-metal, Galvanization

Above these products are parts of products of Selfacecoat.
For example, a baking type, have conducting properties type and so on.

We are able to developed and make an offer for exclusive use.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you find any hydrophilic properties coating fluid or specialty membrane type of coating fluid.

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