Development orientation

Selfaceoat is a coating agent that can express super-hydrophilicity through composite inorganic material technology.
Photocatalyst technology is well-known as a hydrophilic coating agent, but we are developing it so that it can be applied more easily than photocatalysts and that it can exhibit a hydrophilic effect even in places where there is no light.

By making the surface coated with Selfaceoat easy to get wet (in a state where it does not form water droplets), it is possible to wash away oil stains with water, and because it does not form water droplets, it has an anti-fogging effect (anti-fogging effect). Also, since moisture in the air is easily absorbed, it becomes possible to add characteristics such as antistatic measures (antistatic effect).

In particular, it is attracting attention as a new material that can make plastics more hydrophilic. It improves abrasion resistance, which was not possible with conventional inorganic materials, and causes deterioration of the hydrophilic effect and peeling of the film by wiping. Since it is designed to not be used, the usage of hydrophilicity of plastic will be expanded.

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